We have created a list of questions that had yet to be answered by Acer about their debut Acer Liquid A1 smartphone. The questions addressed several “unknown” factors about the cell phone that potential customers wanted to know before making a purchase. Our contact at Acer sat down with us and answered all of the questions that we had. Below are the most pressing matters and their official answers by an Acer representative:

The Acer Liquid has launched in the UK and some other European countries. Is there a list of release dates available? When will it for instance hit the US and Canada?

I am unable to give a precise date for release in the US & Canada but it is likely to be within the first 3 months of 2010.

Will there be carriers that offer the phone?

Not at present, likely to be in 2010 though.

The phone ships with Android 1.6, will it be possible to upgrade to Android 2

his is not planned at present.

Is the screen multi-touch capable?

This will depend on the Android system, with Android 1.6 it isn’t possible.

Is there a tethering option?

There is no tethering option

Does the phone support FM radio?

The phone does not support FM radio.

Is Flash for web browsing integrated?

Flash for web browsing is not integrated.

There you have it from an official source. There are currently no plans up provide Android Liquid A1 owners with an upgrade to Android 2.0. This does not mean that this is not going to happen though but if it is going to happen it will be not in the coming months, that is for sure.

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